Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Connecting parents to Testing Week

I love to take tests. Always have. I think of it as a game against myself. However, as a teacher I know that many if not most people don't feel that way.

Our youngest son's school is gearing up to take their standardized test. While I might engage into a full deliberation on standardized tests -- the only thing that will come from that is me spending valuable time and you using up data to read it.

I want to share what I found in his folder, and I'm excited about it not because the school will get better results; but because I -- the mama me -- get to be a part of it!

Of course it didn't take me long at all to know just what I wanted him to know. I love you -- this doesn't matter nearly as much as your  LOVE of learning.

To me it's really more of a test of tenacity and concentration. Then I reflect on my own practice. I often ask students to set data goals in middle school, but what if they had to make a poster like this for themselves. What would it say?

Right now, My little guy believes in himself and the positive message. Will that still be the same in five years. If not, why not? Hmmmm...much to ponder...

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