Saturday, January 31, 2015

Student Engagement

I'm busy this weekend making final adjustments to workshops I'm presenting for Teacher Quality day.
I'm not aware of any other career field that actually calls it "quality" day, but at any rate -- one of the things I like most about teaching is that you can constantly reflect, adjust and try again.  In business when you reflect, adjust and try again it's usually a pretty expensive move (different marketing, different product, different location and such). For teachers though it's usually free and easy to make an adjustment and try again.

The focus of one of the workshops is engagement. The experience is to drive home the idea that engagement is three part: Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral.

I'm a firm believer that all three parts are necessary to make a learning-centered classroom where kids wake-up and use those beautiful minds! From time to time I'll be sharing tips and tricks. But, I'm curious -- do you agree that it takes all 3? Do you think one is more important than another?

What engagement strategies do you use in your classroom?

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